Yeast Library

At present I have:

WLP001 – California Ale (Sierra Nevada)
WLP002 – British Ale (Fullers)
WLP007 – Dry English Ale (Whitbread)
WLP011 – European Ale
WLP023 – Burton Ale (Brakspear’s, allegedly)
WLP090 – Sandiego Super Yeast (Pizza Port)
WLP510 – Belgian Bastogne (Orval Primary Strain)
WLP566 – Saison II (Dupont Vielle Provision)
WLP568 – Belgian Saison Blend
WLP670 – Belgian Farmhouse Blend (Lost Abbey – contains Brett)
WLP802 – Czech Budejeovice Lager
Wyeast 1469PC – West Yorkshire Ale (Timothy Taylor)
Brewlabs Thames Valley III

I will soon have:
WLP004 – Irish Ale (Guinness)
WLP029 – Kolsch/German Ale (PJ Fruh)
WLP036 – German Alt
WLP830 – German Lager
WLP810 – San Francisco Lager (Anchor)

And am after some of these –


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