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Suzdalskaya Medovukha (Suzdal Mead)

I had Suzdalskaya Medovukha at a pickle festival a few years back, and have had it since in Moscow.  I was wondering how to recreate it, and found a recipe here.  The original recipe is in Russian, but here it is in English:

500g sugar

250g honey

Yeast and nutrient

1 tsp citric acid

water to 4.5 litres

This reckons that you should leave for 3-4 weeks under airlock.  Rack, add an additional 250g honey and then either ferment to completion of stop fermentation (using 1 campden tablet) depending on how sweet (and alcoholic) you want your mead.

Fermented all the way out this would be about 7.5%, with just the first amount of honey it would be around 5.5%


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