BJCP Exam result!

I got my exam result back – 84!

I’m pleased, and this means that after some more judging points have been acquired I can progress up the judging ranks to National level. It took quite an amount of study, but learning about beer isn’t exactly a hardship. Given the amount of study that involves sampling, it was actually quite fun.

Now I can turn my attention to the UK National Homebrew Competition which I’m organizing under BJCP guidelines.

3 responses to “BJCP Exam result!

  • pdtnc

    Nice work 🙂 I could really do with something like a Beer Fault-Finding course.

  • alikocho

    I’m also organizing a BJCP exam for October 2012 in Bristol. There’ll be an exam prep course, which will include dealign with faults (and messing around with a Siebel off-flavour kit) from October of this year. Even if you didn’t want to do the exam, you could be involved in the course (we’re planning webinars for those not in Bristol so everyone can take part), and come to the off-flavour day.

    Having gone through this, I find that in my homebrew club I am the guy who gets “what went wrong here/what infected this” question now….Definitely a useful skill to be able to identify which flaw your perceiving so that you can change things and give advice to other brewers.

  • pdtnc

    Bristol is a bit of a Trek from Keighley! Sounds good though 🙂

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