AG8 – Indian Ink – Award Winner

This one’s a Black IPA. Yes you read that correctly, a Black India Pale Ale. It’s not pale, hence the name for this beer. The Brewer’s Association in the US has decided that the style should be called American Black Ale for the moment. The BJCP has yet to decide on whether to categorize this, so for the moment it should be entered as a specialty beer in competition.

This recipe is based on the Kernel Brewery’s Black IPA, which is supposedly based on 21st Ammendment’s Back in Black.

This beer won the 2011 Bristol Beer Factory Homebrew Competition.

19 litres/5 US gallons
75 IBU
OG: 1.062
FG: 1.012

UK Pale Ale Malt 5.000 kg 74.6 %
UK Munich Malt 0.680 kg 10.1 %
UK Caramalt 0.680 kg 10.1 %
German Carafa Special III 0.340 kg 5.1 %

US Warrior 15.5 % 28 g 56.6 IBU 60 Min From End
US Centennial 8.5 % 50 g 18.8 IBU 20 Min From End
US Columbus(Tomahawk) 15.5 % 28 g  At turn off
US Cascade 4.5 % 28 g At turn off
US Cascade 4.5 % 42 g  Dry-Hopped
US Amarillo 5.0 % 14 g  Dry-Hopped
US Simcoe 13.0 % 14 g 0.0 Dry-Hopped
Slovenian Styrian Goldings 4.5 % 14 g Dry-Hopped

Yeast: WLP001


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