AG6 – London Porter

Porter was the first industrially produced beer, produced to meet demand. How it evolved and got its name is the subject of some debate. One story goes that it was a beer made in one go to replicate the practice of blending three beers that was common before it appeared, and known as ‘entire’. Others disagree, and believe it to have been a rebranding of London Brown Ale. The name is generally believed to have come about as it was a beer popular with the porters in Londo.

Initially it was brewed with all brown malt, but most versions were modified to include a base of pale malt in order to get better yields (according to Old British Beers and How to Make Them).

This version, supposedly, will come out somewhere close to Fuller’s London Porter.

Fuller’s London Porter Clone

Selected Style and BJCP Guidelines

12A-Porter-Brown Porter

Minimum OG: 1.040 SG Maximum OG: 1.052 SG
Minimum FG: 1.008 SG Maximum FG: 1.014 SG
Minimum IBU: 18 IBU Maximum IBU: 35 IBU
Minimum Color: 20.0 SRM Maximum Color: 30.0 SRM
Recipe Overview
Wort Volume Before Boil: 25.00 l Wort Volume After Boil: 23.75 l
Volume Transferred: 23.50 l Water Added To Fermenter: 0.00 l
Volume At Pitching: 23.50 l Volume Of Finished Beer: 23.00 l
Expected Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.050 SG Expected OG: 1.053 SG
Expected FG: 1.013 SG Apparent Attenuation: 74.9 %
Expected ABV: 5.3 % Expected ABW: 4.2 %
Expected IBU (using Rager): 33.6 IBU Expected Color (using Morey): 28.6 SRM
BU:GU ratio: 0.63 Approx Color:
Mash Efficiency: 75.0 %
Boil Duration: 60.0 mins
Fermentation Temperature: 18 degC
Ingredient Amount % MCU When
UK Pale Ale Malt 4.230 kg 76.1 % 4.5 In Mash/Steeped
UK Brown Malt 0.665 kg 12.0 % 13.2 In Mash/Steeped
UK Extra Dark Crystal 400 0.555 kg 10.0 % 39.0 In Mash/Steeped
UK Chocolate Malt 0.110 kg 2.0 % 17.4 In Mash/Steeped
Variety Alpha Amount IBU Form When
UK Fuggle 4.5 % 53 g 30.9 Loose Whole Hops 60 Min From End
UK Fuggle 4.5 % 21 g 2.7 Loose Whole Hops 10 Min From End

Wyeast 1945-NB Neobritannia

Mash Schedule
Mash Type: Full Mash
Schedule Name: Single Step Infusion (66C/151F)
Step Type Temperature Duration
Rest at 66 degC 60

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