I had a lot of gooseberries and blackcurrants off the allotment, so I decided to make melomel – Mead with fruit juice.  It is a little expensive, as a result of the honey, but it smells really good as a fruit and honey mixture and given that I picked the fruit from my own allotment, this cost about £10 to make using organic, fairtrade honey.


3 jars honey (runny honey is easier)
250g Gooseberries
250g Blackcurrants
3.5 l water
2 tsp pectic enzyme
Burgundy yeast
Yeast nutrient

Bring honey and water to boil, then pour over crushed fruit.  Allow to cool, then add 1 crushed campden tablet (this is to kill the wild yeasts on the fruit), and 2 tsps pectic enzyme (this prevents a pectin haze and allows for full extraction of the fruit juice) .  Leave closely covered for 24 hours, then add yeast and nutrient.  Leave to ferment for 7 days, then strain into fermenting jar and fit airlock.  Ferment out, rack, and bottle.

OG: 1.090 (12%)


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