Skull Splitter

This is the next brewing project.  Based on a mixture of my Yarrow Pale Ale and adapted from the recipe on Gruit Ale.  I’ve not included the smoked malt from the original recipe, as although I like smoked beer it is an acquired taste (someone once likened it to having heavily smoked bacon steeped in beer).

Ingredients for 2 UK gallons:

3 lbs Malt Extract (3 essential jars)
4 ozs crystal malt
1/2 oz dried yarrow (plus 1/4 oz for ‘finishing’)
1/2 oz dried mugwort
2.5g juniper berries
Ale yeast
2 UK gallons (9 litres) water

Method as for the Yarrow Pale Ale, with Juniper and an extra 1/4 oz dried yarrow added to the last ten minutes of the boil.

OG: 1.048
FG: 1.013


The recipe laid out in full with process and details on colour.

Skull Splitter boiling

Skull Splitter boiling


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