I’ve been looking at mugwort as the next potential brewing herb.  Like yarrow, mugwort, also known as common wormwood contains thujone (the active ingredient of absinthe) and was one of the herbs used to make ales or gruits before the widespread use of hops became common in the late 19th Century .  Apparently the thujone can work transdermally (like dandelion this means that the effects can be derived from skin contact in picking – Koreans wear silk gloves to protect against passing out while harvesting).  Traditionally mugwort was used to aid fatigue, and as protection from evil spirits and wild animals.  It also has a use for lucid dreaming in some cultures.I have no idea what it tastes like, but I’m going to use it to make an ale along the lines of my Yarrow Pale Ale.  

A note of caution: pregnant women should not consume mugwort in quantity (or at all) as it causes uterine contractions.


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