Yarrow Pale Ale

I decided to make this after learning about yarrow.  Yarrow is an ancient plant, that is naturally antiseptic, will stop bleeding and contains thujone, the active chmeical found in absinthe. As I recently learned, this is a true ale as it doesn’t use hops (these were sometimes called gruit). I adapted the recipe from self-sufficientish and used the tables from Charles Papazian’s The Complete Joy of Homebrewing to formulate the ingredients and quantities for a pale ale.

It came out a little dark for a pale ale, so I suppose this is a ‘not quite pale ale.  This is as a result of boiling dark green foliage in with the malts.

The recipe:

3 lbs malt extract (three jars)
4 oz crushed crystal malt
4 oz fresh yarrow leaves
Ale yeast
2 Gallons (9 litres) water

I boiled the malt extract and crushed malt with the yarrow for 1/2 hour in approx 1 gallon water, then topped up to 2 gallons (uk) with cold water. Ale yeast added when cooled to below 24 degrees C.
OG: 1.039 (should be around 4%)
FG: 1.013

The recipe laid out in full with process and details on colour.


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