Dandelion Wine

My first wine!

Traditionally made on St Georges’ Day, 23 April, this wine is ready by Christmas.

3 litres dandelion heads (675g)
1.5 kg sugar
2 lemons
1 Orange
500g chopped raisins or 280ml white grape concentrate
1 tsp grape tannin
4.5 litres water
yeast and nutrient

Boil water, pour over dandelion heads.  Leave for two days (no longer or an odd odour occurs).  Turn into pan, add sugar and fruit rinds and boil for 10 minutes.  Return to bucket and add juice of orange and lemons and chopped raisins/concentrate.  Allow to cool and add tannin, yeast and nutrient.  Leave for three days, then strain into demijohn and fit trap.  Rack when fermentation finishes and allow to clear (mine looks like it will need a second racking.

OG: 1.114


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